Day 2 First catch

Sun 12 Jan 2014 20:53

Sunday 12th January

Its jolly hot, the sun is shining remorselessly from a cloudless sky, I'm in a complete sweat the entire time and dreaming about a nice frosty walk with the dogs.  As Harry reminds me its gonna get hotter as we'll be on the equator soon….. James hasn't managed to sleep much in the Burns Unit and is in the saloon with a cold flannel.

Well we all forgot about the midday heat when the reel when screaming out the back, all hands on deck, slow the boat down, get those sails in we've got a fish. Andrew and I were so excited we made a hash of slowing the boat down by which time our catch had taken nearly all the line. After ages taking it in turns to wind this thing in and losing the gaff hook over board, we managed to land a tuna.What a beautiful creature with luminous green lines shining silver. Cheap rum in the gills stopped it dead and we all fell on it with knives and soy sauce having fresh tuna sashimi…..delicious. James is on cooking tonight so we are all expecting great things, poor guy he was hoping to just re heat a moussaka.