Verse 2

Sat 5 Oct 2013 15:53
34:50:2N 9:42:1W

Friday 4th October

High pressure rules OK flat calm and just about enough wind to have all the sails up and take a knot off the engine.  Andrew groaning about the whole tank of fuel this little jaunt is going to take. Its either blowing a gale on the nose or nothing at all.  Tim as enthusiastic as ever about all things gadget and techy and even attacking the washing up with gusto. Dolphins dancing across our bows in the sunlit sea. First flying fish beached on the boat by the time we spotted it it was crisp, so not going in the frying pan.  Tim has to report he spotted a bog brush floating by and had to take avoiding action, sharp eyes these pilots. Watched a film on Tsunamis in the Pacific perhaps not such a great idea.  Night night xxx
Janie Lax
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