Day 4

Sun 5 Oct 2014 02:57
Saturday 4th October 


Saturday dawned with Hebe crew hanging in there developing good pecs and sail trimming skills. The weather kindly didn't actually get any worse than Friday night and apart from some pretty gusty periods we've kept up a cracking speed.  
However Hebe is still feeling peeved and we gaped in horror in the morning to the empty space that was the fishing rod. Our beloved rod (Harry's pride and joy- Ed)  was GONE. It had wriggled free and Hebe had just flung it off the back….throwing all her toys out of the pram.  Dear me, we've been talking very kindly and gently to her and reasoning that she'll be Ok when we get to Brisbane. 

This tiller lark is great!

Meanwhile its sleep and sail and hopefully eat.  Andrew then had his usual long passage migraine, we have decided it's cold turkey being deprived of red wine and expressos.  Harry and Imo then had to do extra shifts until he recovered……..

Saturday night is party night. 

By 8pm we had reached our final way point and were free of all dangers and could set our course for Brisbane…wey hey.
Hopefully if all goes well we should make landfall Tuesday evening. Phew…we are all so looking forward to plugging into power without fussing over the generator, having showers without fussing about the water maker, nipping off to the shops without fussing over the dinghy and being able to hose down the decks which are crispy with salt and most important to have some champagne. 
2 days to go…….
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