Day 17 10.12.13

Wed 11 Dec 2013 16:01
Barrolling along violently corkscrewing which has led to an eventful day on Hebe.
Champion helmsman Sarah, clocked the highest speed…..13.5knts. Witnessed by us all rather astonished in the cockpit, she didn't have her hands on the wheel at the time. The men now all desperate to sail ever faster….
Things in the galley have been hotting up all afternoon. Andrew and Peter 's turn to create a hot meal with no gas.  Lots of culinary ideas flowed in from all over the world (Thanks Ian from Ontario) first of all the potatoes flew out of the microwave along with the sweet potato and the glass revolving plate which catapulted into the stern cabin and smashed. Lots of unmentionable language. Amazingly they produced a very tasty little Spanish stew. To celebrate our last night on the ocean wave we opened our second bottle of wine, but as Andrew rummaged for the plastic wine glasses the Dartington flew out…..more expletives.  We wish the sea would calm down the waves are big and disorganised, no rolling swell following behind. When you get a big wave up the deriere she flies. 
We hope to be in sometime tomorrow evening, phew what a marathon…...
Janie Lax
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