Day3 Towards Galapagos

Mon 10 Feb 2014 03:28
Sunday 9th February 2014


Hectic day, up and down with every sail Hebe has  in an effort to make the most of every little scrap of wind.  Finally we tried the parasail as the wind had shifted behind and it got in a terrible twist , as we were cursing and untangling the lines a whale blew whoosh beside us , wow! James was abandoned in the galley charged with cooking, up went the sail, phew we all ate a surprisingly tasty supper when the wind died and the whole lot had to come down again.  We then motored into a very dark and squally night when in fact we should have had some sails up, but everyone too tired!!   Gone are the starry nights with sparkling phosphorescence streaming along the boats length, and hello to equatorial squalls..  Only 2 degrees to go to the line and Harry dressed up as Poseidon's wife .the photos will go viral. 

WE also had some very excited dolphins cross our bow, leaping and splashing taking no notice of us probably hunting. Then as James threw out the slops a big shark was spotted close by ……not sure we fancy that skinny dip on the Equator.

I sat on the bananas by mistake which necessitated a large banoffee pie for lunch, actually I was blaming somebody for treading on them when I found banana in my bikini bottoms…..Andrew squeezed half a sack of oranges which we will savour for breakfast. We're not allowed to take oranges into Galapagos.  Sorry about lack of photos, too busy dealing with sails and bananas.

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