Niue - where on earth is that?

Thu 5 Jun 2014 10:55
30th May 2014


This "never heard of it" island is self-governing with a population approaching 1,500 and lies between Tonga and the Cook Islands.  Low lying and volcanic, it's a friendly place.

Everyone here is happy!  There is full employment thanks to the Island Government (which seems to employ anyone who hasn't got a job - now up to 55% of the island's working population, we are told).

Having virtually no beaches restricts the tourist industry but there's great diving, snorkelling and rock formations…..

JPEG image

Deputy blogger enjoying archway heaven.

Razor sharp volcanic rock is uninviting ….


But we found a little oasis hidden by high volcanic walls - quite extraordinary ….

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We caught our first Dorade - a beautiful gold colour

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The problem with Niue - if you have a boat - is that there is no outer reef.  This means that the anchorage is badly affected by the ocean swell.  In other words Hebe rolled around all night like a drunk boxer.  Result - four very tired and grumpy people.  So being resourceful types we checked into a resort hotel leaving Hebe to roll alone.

Sunset at our Resort Hotel ….

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Next stop Vava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga (doesn't that sound good!)

Signing off ……. Your Deputy Blogger.
(Janie is back in a few days so the Blogs will improve again.)

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