Bora Bora

Tue 6 May 2014 07:16
30th April 2014


Good Morning Sunshine….Sophie, Louise and I have just been Saluting the Sun on the fore deck looking out to Mt Otemanu on Bora Bora, reputedly the most beautiful island in the world. 
We sailed over here yesterday with a cracking breeze sails up and whizzing along lots of spray and excitement. Phil and Louise now hardened sailors and not a bucket in sight.

Panic stations though, as time for Sophie and Pal is running out like sand in an egg timer. They fly home tomorrow evening. So today has to be the Best Day Ever.
We had a close Best Day Ever on Huahine when we hired scooters, such a pretty unspoiled island with lakes and inlets making every bend a super view. Lots of giggles on the bikes with us girls pillion and the boys racing each other and avoiding potholes. 

WE found a sweet place to eat by the sea where even the food had flowers...

Phil hasn't yet caught any fish to his dismay despite his many and colourful lures. However another boat had caught such a monster Skipjack tuna they gave us a hunk which we all savoured both raw and seared, in fact we're pretty tuna'd out.
It turns out we were having a heat wave whilst in Tahiti marina, no wind and melting temperatures, but the weather broke as we left and its been so much cooler, wetter and windier which is a pleasure. I think Harry was beginning to wonder whether there was any wind in the Pacific. He and Imo will be delighted as they are spending their time off here on Bora Bora at a wind surfing centre. The boat decks are quite empty now with the surf and kite boards gone….hence the yoga session. 
Everyone is so friendly in the boaty world often just climbing aboard eager to see around the boat which Andrew loves…he can talk the hind leg off a donkey about engines and filters, problem being Sophie and I  are often semi naked and the engine is through our heads (bathroom - Ed)

Here he is giving Phil a thorough lesson on anchoring.


Later… internet at all and Bora Bora is the Bond Street of the Pacific….to be honest we have much preferred the unknown islands like Huahine and Moorea which are less touristy. Bora Bora has lots of cruise ships the passengers are on oxygen or zimmers and the locals crank up the prices in dollars. 
All is now very quiet on Hebe, Sophie and Alistair left this afternoon on their enormous journey home, leaving their parents feeling exhausted. Even the weather was sad with mist and rain.

 It was a treat having them particularly as Ali was a dab hand on the poop deck. 

We are now on our own with our friends, steering Hebe onwards to new adventures.