Galapagos Euphoria

Fri 14 Feb 2014 07:16
Thursday 13th February 2014


Crossed the Equator in style ….watching the latitude go to 00:00:00N/S was such a thrill, we toasted the sea with rum, gave thanks for our safe arrival and asked God to bless our families and loved ones. We gave the sea a polished pebble with PEACE engraved and a shell, the rest was a hoot, see below, Andrew is Poseidon and Harry his wife……..


Do my boobs look big in these?  ( actually made from a calabash found in Las Perlas - nipples not included )
We crept into San Christobal at dawn surrounded by birds and sea lions, 5 minutes behind Alpharatz….we'll beat them next time.
Very soon we had visitors….


Hi Five from Galapagos !

And today we snorkelled with sharks….at Kicker Rock, you swim between the mighty lava pinnacles in deep, deep water with hammerheads and white tipped sharks and all down the sides for miles is coral and wonderful fish and turtles - quite the most thrilling swim ever, EVER.


Sea lions are everywhere, roaring on the benches on the promenade  and cluttering the steps, they slob about fidgeting and grumbling at each other. I adore them. Then this evening about 200 manta rays glided into the harbour playing gracefully in the lights AWESOME.
Harry found an amping right point break so he's happy …I'm getting hip with surf jargon. 


Then you go to the beach and trip over these guys just staring into space. Its all surreal and we keep saying 'Are we really here?' 

The taxis are really chilled too….. literally pick ups.   We sooooo love the complete absence of any Health and Safety, such fun!


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