Day 2

Thu 2 Oct 2014 10:01
2nd October 2014


What a change….by dawn we were motoring.  Did I say yesterday that Hebe was behaving well?  She clearly doesn't want tp leave the Pacific and this morning the furler for the big genoa broke. Harry hoped it was fused but it was fecked!   We can't use our big driving sail now which slows things down a bit. 

Harry and Imo on their bed …. toolshed, spares depot and workshop.

The day improved with a glorious sunny evening and a huge Mahi Mahi on the line, which Andrew managed to gaff, though it put up a big fight in spite of half a bottle of vodka down the gills. I can't describe the incredible peacock blue this creature is when swimming on the line and then turns to greeny gold as it dies. (doesn't look anything like that in the picture - Ed)

What a mess blood and guts everywhere, but meals galore. 
We had two huge bites on the first day, one must have been a shark the rod bent in two but it got away, to our relief. 

Trickling along gently this evening very much alone on this vast ocean. We rather miss the SSB role call we used to do on the ARC, even though the conversation was usually limited to " We had a great day sailing."   Still we miss our sailing companions many of whom are now in the middle of the Indian Ocean making a mad dash for Mauritius. 

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