Day 9 2.12.13

Mon 2 Dec 2013 23:40

This awesome picture shows Harry mending our torn main sail, Peter at the helm holding the boat steady. The rest of us holding lines and our breath.
All well now and today was brilliant, definitely getting into trade winds as the wind has trickled around to the north east. Wind died earlier so we drifted along, lit the barbie and had a few beers, all alone in the Atlantic with nothing to the north of us but the Arctic and the Antarctic to the south. We were so tempted to dive in and have a swim but Harry and Imo have had two close shaves with sharks appearing and didn't want to tempt fate……scary! 
Sarah and I are planning our mid point party, fancy dress and games, pictures to follow. Its amazing how little time there is what with helming, cooking, cleaning, fishing (badly) and learning to astro navigate with the sextant. First lesson today, how did the old mariners manage when it was cloudy, we had no sun for 7 days. We'd have been lost. We keep thanking the Americans for not shutting down their GPS satellite system.  

Janie Lax

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