Las Palmas 12.11.13

Tue 12 Nov 2013 20:59
Hebe tied up alongside surrounded by ARC boats, many more arriving all the time.  Busy preparations and everyone really friendly. Meeting up with people  we have met so far on this journey, families from America, Switzerland, couples like us cursing about lack of internet. Andrew stuck in London for ever more business meetings, he just needs to get back to Narnia. Harry and Imo constantly bumping into salties doing the Caribbean run. 
They're getting main and smaller tacking sail mended due to chafing. I guess it has been 6 months already so there will be wear, its annoying when we haven't really started.  I'm doing inventory of food and making up the shopping list. Final checks of grab bag…. visions of sinking …..eeks. Safety check today. 
Our mascot, the Olympic lion signed by Sir Ben, sits grinning ridiculously at us, next to the fishing line and the pain killers…just about sums it up !
Weather coolish not much wind but its from the north east which is GOOD.
12 days to go.