Day 10 3.12.13

Tue 3 Dec 2013 21:18

Today was a day for celebrating - We have passed halfway and this deserved a party.  Invites went out first thing and we all turned up at the allocated time, venue: Atlantic, for bbq, games and a wine tasting.  Andrew managed to pour most of the precious red stuff down his kikoi (the dress code) so that put an end to that!  As you can see chaps in galley busily preparing - they are pretty much in tune with each other now and much of their dealings with each other can be done by grunts.  So 1511nm down - still no fish caught.  Had the beautiful kite flying today so have been steaming along at a steady pace.  Still waiting for the big trades but all in all we are a very happy crew.  Saw our first tanker yesterday - seemed strange to see another vessel.  
Gotta go - on watch now! Sarah xx


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