Tue 6 May 2014 23:11
4th May 2014


Still not connecting to the internet so these blogs are getting behind. There will be a glut of them when we get working again. To me its just pushing buttons that blip but Andrew goes nearly insane. We are both convinced Harry and imo would have it sussed in no time with their lightening quick fingers.

before leaving for Tahaa we once again hired the intrepid scooters for a circumnavigation of Bora Bora…Phil and Louise have the scars to show for it, life is full of adventures for them. 

Well we are now in Tahaa, a very unspoilt island not far from Bora Bora, in fact last night we watched the most fantastic fiery sunset across to Bora Bora.  


The weather has been rather unseasonal for Phil and Louise but I am secretly enjoying the temporary absence of burning sun but the colours are rather grey today.  The good thing we have had plenty of wind so our sail over was terrific beating along, Louise at the helm. The best bit being at long last………………...
Phil caught a yellow fin tuna, much prized among tuna and we ate it raw with wasabi….tons of it….


 Woo Hoo Phil well done.


 En Route to Tahaa
 Last night was scary and something for a post card, a big squall blew up and we were all on deck engine on to keep off the reef. Freezing rain too. Our oilies were fetched from the cupboard (covered in mildew) and we braved the night. I was extolling the virtues of a red sky at night but the shepherds are clearly not delighted today. 


Storm clouds ahead…...

The anchorage was wonderful though and we all snorkelled in a coral garden with coral heads smothered in beautiful fish and best of all they encountered a huge manta ray. Apparently the numbers of these great creatures have dropped by 80% since the tourists arrived so to see one is special. 
LaTER ….. Wowee got connected again….a cable had leaped out of the back…. the ON switch perhaps.