Day 8 Advent Sunday 1.12.13

Sun 1 Dec 2013 13:10

Thinking of you all in church celebrating the beginning of Advent.  I was singing hymns yesterday on watch in ghastly squally weather, monsoon rain and up to 28kts of wind, in fact at its most nasty we couldn't hold the boat and had to just run ahead of the storm which meant turning north
. In fact yesterday we managed to sail north, south and at one time east which wasn't a great idea!  The sea as a result was choppy and we all felt tired and queazy. A line got jammed up the mast and we managed to tear the main sail. All repairable and Harry was clambering around like an ape with Imo dancing behind like a gazelle, they are invaluable with their knowledge and abilities. We managed some cracking speeds though and are ahead in the fleet.
This morning although the wind is still coming from the WEST its benign and sunny and we are drying everything out and catching up on sleep.
I've been feeding the troops on porridge and syrup to keep strength up, who'd have thought it in the Tropics ! Sarah and I are bleating about the bikinis we have stowed away as we climb into our soggy oilies again.
This morning the chocolate is melting and we can see some soldiers marching on the horizon ( puffy clouds heralding trade winds Yay )
Sorry no pictures , all out of juice. 
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