Day 13 6:12.13

Fri 6 Dec 2013 14:34

Apologies for lack of blog, we're now officially trade wind sailing but having certain trouble as they are lighter than normal and Hebe has to learn to sail down wind. 
She is proving to be a fussy lady, now named HRH Hebe. She really prefers to roar along, wind on the beam  with her big sails flying.  She kicks up a fuss when pointing down wind with her two headsails. Its as if she's saying  "I hate wearing a two piece and my bum looks big in this".  We have therefore been flying our asymmetric spinnaker which she loves, all big and colourful, however this has caused some monumental problems when the wind gets up.  Having had many lessons from patient Harry and Imo on raising, lowering and trimming said sail, all went to pieces the other night when the gentle breeze died and there was much commotion getting it down then it got twisted, this meant bringing the whole shebang downstairs and along into our stern bed where I happened to be starkers at the time, to be unwound along the length of the boat. That done all hands on deck for the great hoist when, suddenly, a flying fish hit the helmsman Immy!  What's the problem now we cry while she struggles to catch said fish?  
Eventual hoist only to have the wind suddenly kick up at 20kts and  the whole thing had to be taken down again. This whole episode in darkness (though gentle sea state), took 2 hours and little progress.  In spite of this we should be on the dock in St Lucia before many of our boaty friends and neck and neck with our rival Shekina.


Picture of the week
Skidmarks a distant memory.

We toasted Nelson Mandela and watched as he has joined the myriad of stars above. Has anyone seen that comet in the east just before dawn? Nor have we!  I hope the Wise men have.
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