Day 18 11.12.13

Wed 11 Dec 2013 23:03

FINALLY at sunset this evening Hebe sighted Land Ahoy. 
After days of rolling seas and gusty winds, today has been tantalisingly slow. We have been nursing Hebe along, her main damaged and out of use, and boiling heat. We have sweated the day out in desultory fashion wondering if our navigation is correct.  Another meal done in the microwave with dishes flying around, and then as the sun parted the mist and haze there was our first view of the Pitons of St Lucia. We won't be in for a few more hours and are longing to taste the rum.  Lets hope the bar's still open. Andrew has champagne chilling in the fridge.
Shekina has beaten us and already tucking into steaks ashore.  Rats and double rats! 
In anticipation Sarah decorated all our water bottles, the girls' with grass skits and bikinis, the boys with shorts - hysterical.


Signing off from the crew of Hebe, Andrew, Janie, Sarah, Peter, Imo and Harry.