Fri 25 Apr 2014 22:34
25th April 2014


Been in the Marina in Tahiti for the past 3 days getting repairs done….black hole of Calcutta…the heat has been immense. Poor Hebe lay silently waiting for her spare parts which arrived thanks to Phil and Louise who valiantly brought out an alternator and an inverter.  Top marks to Discovery Yachts who got the parts ready for collection over the Easter Bank Holiday….thank you, fantastic service. 
Hebe is now humming away happily her air con blissfully running and we're all smiles. We would be on our way to the South Sea Islands once more but are stranded here waiting for gas bottles to be filled. Patience is the key when cruising…. Anyway,
We got 2 prizes for the last leg, 4th (beaten by Brizo, the other Discovery - we woz robbed) and guessing the number of fish caught !! 

Next leg is to get to Bora Bora via a few paradise islands on the way. Harry and Imo have left the boat while Louise and Phil are staying and are off in search of surf. We hope Hebe will behave in their absence.

We saw an octopus when snorkelling, apparently we should have grabbed its head, turned it inside out and popped it into the pressure cooker….. maybe next time!

Meanwhile the young had a ball together…..


watching the sunset


exploring Moorea on scooters….


feeding the sharks….


and listening to bands…

…..still waiting for the gas bottles, they're so mañana ici alors !

Love from the Lax's and Squires and looking forward to more wild adventures.

Janie Lax
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