Mon 19 May 2014 22:49
May 19th 2014

Hebe has arrived in Suwarrow


An uninhabited atoll a thousand miles from anywhere, looks gorgeous but without a water maker I am very pleased I was able to increase the boat's supply by not being there to drink it.


I was here…


and here….glamping in the Hunter Valley where they have a crazy wine festival which consists of 20,000 people drinking as much as they can whilst being ferried on huge coaches from winery to winery. It was freezing in our hut rather novel after months of steaming heat. Lovely to be with my old friend Ora who showed me the highs and lows of Sydney.

.and now am over here in Perth…….
Alice arrived safely dragging a massive bag full of water maker spares, actually the bag is so big I think they could re build the entire boat.

Just hope Hebes can survive another 2 weeks until we return with said spares. At least they can now bathe in the sea, but we should have bought a shed load more bottles of water before leaving. No news from our guest editors maybe too thirsty to blog.