Day2 25.11.13

Mon 25 Nov 2013 17:36
25:53:15N  17:40:12W
Gentle rolling seas, not much wind so motoring quite a bit which is dull. Andrew has his usual de tox headache, after the partying of the last week its no surprise. The fruit is swaying in the net with some going off already.  I guess its pretty hard to provide so many yachts with the provisions they need, must have started stocking up months ago.
Harry has mended the light in the compass. 
I spent practically the whole day asleep, why do we do this boating lark? 
With six of us we get 3hrs on and 6 off so can crash out. I look forward to being capable for more than 3 hrs.
Andrew and Peter on dinner duty tonight ha ha.
Janie Lax
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