Preparations for the transit

Mon 27 Jan 2014 23:11

23 - 24th January

Spent 3 days in Shelter Bay Colon frantically preparing the boat for the Pacific and the canal transit and doing a monster mega shop to last us with provisions for about 5 months, we can always get fresh fruits and vegetables where ever there are other people living.  Imo and I sallied forth on the early bus to Colon with rucksacks full of bags, crossed the canal watching 3 ships go through…..humungous sizes, as the bus driver shaved….honestly I took a photo. The roads are full of pot holes and the bus sways and often on the wrong side of the road.

We spent hours filling 4 trolleys then to my dismay the smug ample check out lady rejected 5 of our cards…..eventually Imo managed to get some cash. Evidently our wonderful bank has an automatic block on Panama, great!!
The next job was stowing all this mountain of stuff, we got terribly excited when we found extra hidey holes under the sink floor boards or behind the saloon seats. We had the boat upside down and didn't finish filling it until after dark. Of course after that there was nothing for dinner….!

The broken parasail snuffer being removed for repair…..Sailing is "repairing your boat in exotic locations!"