Hair today - Gone tomorrow

Fri 10 Oct 2014 08:28
Saturday 10th October 2014

It had to happen, he was getting startled looks from passing ladies in the street.


……..and there was wildlife Mr Biosecurity had overlooked.


First it needed washing and combing……..


Starting at the top and working down. Captain Cook I presume ?


Don't panic, prat tails are a no no.


Da da…………..feeling light headed Harry?

Nothing will ever be the same again on Hebe.

Spent just about all day hiring a car, buying a dongle for the WiFi and Aussie SIM cards for our phones….back and forth for passports (What? - Ed) and ages of registering in different shops. Then back on Hebe we happily spent the afternoon surfing the net and have now used up all our dongle data. It's all too much.

The hire car is kayliss…….I'm sorry? says Andrew…Kayliss?! the Budget guy repeated, thinking Andrew a complete dork….Aha! key required.

Love it…...There's a 5 mile an hour limit for mobility scooters in the shopping mall. Must get the sign for the village shop.
Lots of warnings on the bus as well with every activity prohibited apart from sitting. So funny when you think back to the kids in Vanuatu and Tonga with their machetes chopping up coconuts.

I don't think we are ready to re join the 21st Century.