Las Perlas Islands

Sun 2 Feb 2014 16:11
2nd February 2014


Sophie's birthday, Candlemas and Groundhog Day !!!! xxxxx

Hunting for shells and crabs.

Las Perlas, our first taste of Pacific Islands… turquoise water, no palm trees, no coral…..but Salcombe in a heatwave after the nuclear fall out.  We are the only people here, the water is green and cool full of plankton,  some of the beaches are quicksand soft. The trees are dropping their leaves, except the trusty Jacaranda adding a splash of purple. The breeze is cool and DRY, our skin is crinkling up after sweating so long in the Caribbean, but it means I am no longer sleeping with my pillow in the freezer.
Birds everywhere, many on the deck, all quite unfazed by our arrival.
Is that you Mr Bond?

Last night was AMAZING, we could write our names with the boat hook in the sparkling phosphorescence, under a moonless starry sky…..sick -  as they say. We were dying to swim in it but the tide was ripping along.  Its a 20' tidal range exposing rocks and beaches so we are having to use our brains when anchoring, what day is it?
After too much wind before which had Harry reef bombing, its now too little wind so sadly no kite surfing.  Andrew is teaching Backgammon.

Looking out at Hebe Home.

Finally we all send Sophie huge hugs and lots of love from all on Hebe xxxxx