Galapagos here we come.

Sat 8 Feb 2014 20:18
Friday 7th February

Super final few days in Las Perlas, dodging jellyfish but finding good swim spots.  
Had an ARCy rendezvous with all the other boats , BBQ and prize giving tonight, wonder how we did?  (We woz robbed - Ed)
There's a hotel here with everyone glued to their laptops trying to get news.  A far cry from Bernard Montessier in the first circumnavigation race who used a catapult to send letters to passing ships.  We have one on board made by an Embrerer indian. 

We need to prepare for crossing the Equator we're told we need to offer incantations and gifts, I have a stone from Salisbury cathedral with PEACE engraved on it, for us to throw in.  The youngest male on board has to dress up as Poseidon's wife, here you go Harry!  Better get your nipples hennaed for the occasion.  If anyone has any idea about the incantations we'd love to hear.

Harry and Imo dived under the boat in wet suits for stingers and valiantly scrubbed Hebe's bottom which is covered in slime and barnacles, the grubby lady.  They were surrounded by sting rays.  It's ray city here, not sure what the collective noun is but we had hundreds of them drifting quietly and rather alarmingly close. 
Lord Lax took this aloft, his voice has gone all squeaky ever since.

The rule is, all boats have to be 'dressed overall' when we rendezvous, so Andrew and I spent  whole day tying and stitching 40 flags in order along some line. There was then rather a hectic time erecting said flags which had minds of their own.  Still Hebe is looking very smart now fully dressed including Carol Kite's bunting. 

Curses these flags are in a muddle.

Hebe and Glorious

This evening - some time later…..we are sailing happily along kite flying on our way to the Galapagos. Fresh tuna for supper caught en route.

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