San Blas Islands, Panama

Fri 24 Jan 2014 21:21
18 - 21 January 2014

Fascinating group of islands off the coast of Panama, there are about 375 of them, low lying with palms, white sands and the home of the Kuna Yala indians who live in harmony with their environment and maintain their culture. The indians use dug out canoes which they paddle selling lobsters, fruit, beer and their handicrafts to the visiting yachtsmen. They are very small and have adorable children but hate being photographed as they believe it takes away their soul. They make beautiful molas which are embroidered and appliquéd fabrics which are intricate, we bought quite a few as each time I found I couldn't refuse!

One night quite a few of us boaties gathered on an idyllic little island where a couple of indians cooked our food on an open fire, we ate on wonky hand made tables under the palm thatched roof, with the moon light and our hurricane lamp….amazing, miles from modern life. We all felt our adventure had begun.
Harry managed to work out how to kite surf off the boat though one day crash landed through a reef onto an island with his kite in the jungle and the bar amongst the coconuts at the top of a palm tree. Coral has to be scrubbed out of wounds as it can grow inside you. Wounds also take a while to heal, he's fine and very cavalier about his dressings. Dr Derry on the Irish boat is very handy with the needle and has been busy with various ARC injuries.




Eventually we had to bid farewell and head back to civilisation and the Panama Canal.