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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Oct 2012
Thu 04 Oct 02:34 At sea dolphins and whales boat going well
Feb 2012
Sun 26 Feb 05:23 Day of Activity, Why we live in Yamba
Nov 2011
Sat 26 Nov 10:33 The Crusing Culture and Location of Yamba
Fri 25 Nov 21:03 Looking over the Ocean updating the position to Yamba 29:25.70S 153:22.20E
Fri 25 Nov 11:47 A Year on Still Exploring and Enjoying Yamba
Jun 2011
Sun 19 Jun 02:01 Settled in Yamba, not with out running a ground
Sun 19 Jun 01:52 Photos of Yamba
Sun 19 Jun 01:50 Photos of the Trip up the NSW Australia coast
Sun 19 Jun 01:42 Photos of Gijima Arriving in Australia by Boat
Mon 06 Jun 17:16 Clear Night Under the Southern Milky Way, what can you say 30:13.90S 153:21.69E
Sun 05 Jun 11:05 Back on the Water Heading North on Gijima 32:10.74S 152:30.10E
Mar 2011
Wed 09 Mar 09:25 Gijima Arrives in Australia
Feb 2011
Sun 13 Feb 10:02 Gijima Loads for the Pacific Crossing!!!!!
Sun 06 Feb 05:20 Suanday in Amoungst te trees
Jan 2011
Fri 14 Jan 04:55 Lucky Escape
Mon 10 Jan 06:07 Sitting in Dallas in Snow while communicating to Friends sailing the Baja "Was last year a dream"!
Dec 2010
Fri 24 Dec 16:41 What a year a response, Merry Christmas
Sun 12 Dec 15:02 Closing of the First Chapter: With us leaving Gijima
Thu 09 Dec 01:37 Cruising vs Travelling
Wed 08 Dec 18:37 Photos from Gulf of Dulce
Wed 08 Dec 00:00 Spectucular Sunset from Cruising Club
Sun 05 Dec 23:27 Final night at Anchor in Central America
Sat 04 Dec 23:31 The Satisfaction of Self Sufficiency and Independence
Fri 03 Dec 21:23 The Tropical Afternoon Shower Decends
Thu 02 Dec 21:04 A fortunate Lifestyle
Nov 2010
Tue 30 Nov 23:31 The secluded anchorage with the jungle Yes this was on the Post card
Tue 30 Nov 00:08 Manoys could ual coast Survey required to find anchorage
Mon 29 Nov 20:39 Waiting for high tide to lift us off a sand bank
Mon 29 Nov 00:25 Sitting at Sunset in the Cruisers club
Sat 27 Nov 21:14 It's so Nice to Have Nature about us in the Open
Thu 25 Nov 23:04 Walking with the Monkeys
Wed 24 Nov 04:26 Exploring the jungle and water falls
Tue 23 Nov 02:14 Out in a tree house in the Jungle
Sat 20 Nov 21:52 Back in Golfito afternoon shower 8:37.20N 83:09.24W
Sat 20 Nov 21:46 Mountain cool air and Exploring the Coffee Plantations
Thu 18 Nov 21:28 Up in the Highlands of Panama at Boquete 9:10.00N 82:16.00W
Wed 17 Nov 23:11 Photos of Land Sea Marina in Golfito
Wed 17 Nov 22:59 Some Photos from the last couple of weeks taken by Sunsation
Wed 17 Nov 22:51 Photos The effort of Manual Anchoring
Wed 17 Nov 22:32 Helped load a Yacht onto a transport ship for Canada
Wed 17 Nov 03:22 A day of preperation as the sun comes out with still a shower or two
Mon 15 Nov 21:24 Settling in and cleaning up
Mon 15 Nov 21:11 Some More Photos
Sun 14 Nov 20:17 Photos of Herradura
Sun 14 Nov 20:15 Photos from Sharons and Maggies Birthday
Sun 14 Nov 18:19 Photos Back at Isla Cedros on an isolated beach
Sun 14 Nov 18:16 Baking biscuits on the boat
Sun 14 Nov 18:14 Photos Isla San Lucas Prison
Sun 14 Nov 18:12 Photos of Isla Cedros and Halloween
Sun 14 Nov 18:08 Photos of Sailing from Ballena to Isla Cedros
Sun 14 Nov 17:59 Photos from a Day at Market Bahia Ballena
Sun 14 Nov 17:54 Photos from Sharons and Maggies Birthday
Sun 14 Nov 17:44 Photos from Northern Costa Rica Papagoyo
Sat 13 Nov 21:38 Doing the "Check In " Waltz
Fri 12 Nov 12:31 Morning dawns in Golfito 8:37.20N 83:09.24W
Thu 11 Nov 19:10 Arriving in Gulf of Dulce under sun and sail 8:19.04N 83:14.75W
Thu 11 Nov 00:48 Bahia Drake Wonderful, Great Jungle run 8:41.87N 83:40.06W
Wed 10 Nov 13:41 Heading For Franciso Drake Bay at Sea 9:03.83N 83:48.43W
Wed 10 Nov 02:09 Sean's bithday at Sea, after run in with Government red tape 9:13.69N 83:50.62W
Tue 09 Nov 00:44 Good Passage to Quepos 9:24.30N 84:10.12W
Sun 07 Nov 21:52 A Passage of All Sorts of Challenders 9:37.97N 84:40.14W
Sat 06 Nov 21:07 Sun out and the boat looks like a Chinese Laundry
Fri 05 Nov 23:57 Being Garbage Collector 9:50.51N 84:53.06W
Fri 05 Nov 03:11 My Tanks are full No More Rain
Thu 04 Nov 14:43 3rd day of Rain, as we Explore the Island Prison
Mon 01 Nov 21:39 Moved to Isla Muertos up in the Gulf of Nicoya 9:52.76N 84:55.65W
Mon 01 Nov 01:42 Halloween in an Island off Costa Rica
Oct 2010
Sat 30 Oct 23:17 Exploring the Islands of Nicoya 9:50.51N 84:53.06W
Fri 29 Oct 15:24 Rough uncomfortable night 9:43.39N 85:00.46W
Thu 28 Oct 20:34 The Dance of the Squalls 10:29.50N 85:52.85W
Thu 28 Oct 00:44 Final Day here Nice and Calm
Wed 27 Oct 03:35 What a day, and we end with Taco Tuesday
Tue 26 Oct 03:26 A sense of freedom as you shower
Sun 24 Oct 15:41 Sunday morning another another lovely day
Sat 23 Oct 03:02 Why does it happen always when you just get to bed or sleep
Fri 22 Oct 03:58 The interaction with the boys and seeing them grow
Wed 20 Oct 20:45 Exploring Papagayo Peninsula, what amzaing trees and Golf Coarse
Wed 20 Oct 00:46 What a wonderful evening with nature
Wed 20 Oct 00:24 Photos a day a Playa Panama
Wed 20 Oct 00:21 Photos of Passge around Cabo St Elena
Wed 20 Oct 00:18 Photos around St Elena
Wed 20 Oct 00:01 Selected Photos from Trip Nicaragua to Bahia St Elena Northern Costa Rica
Tue 19 Oct 01:36 Busy day re provisioning across the Bay
Mon 18 Oct 02:06 Funny how we think Costa Rica is a step above northern neighbors but here is where the crime threat is highest
Sat 16 Oct 23:06 Rounding Cabo St Elena a day with everything. 10:38.40N 85:40.77W
Fri 15 Oct 19:13 Big Pot Luck on the Gijima while the Gusty winds swrl about
Thu 14 Oct 04:12 Whales Playing in the Bay
Wed 13 Oct 00:53 Arrived in Costa Rica in Bahia Santa Elena (close to heaven)
Tue 12 Oct 18:38 Fw: Off the Nicaraguan coast dodging squalls at 2 am in the morning 11:10.19N 86:00.93W
Tue 12 Oct 08:54 Off the Nicaraguan coast dodging squalls at 2 am in the morning 11:54.45N 86:44.92W
Mon 11 Oct 18:29 arly Birthday for Sean at the Pool before leaving Nicargua
Sun 10 Oct 15:53 Australian Family Arrives on Sonrisa
Sat 09 Oct 14:01 Sucess in solving a Solar Panel Issue
Fri 08 Oct 03:00 Our friends left today, while we went and surfed
Thu 07 Oct 04:01 Found the issue with dinghy from leaving Bahia
Wed 06 Oct 03:10 Settling in to Puesta De Sol
Wed 06 Oct 01:39 Photos from Final day in El Salvador, bar crossing and arrival in Nicaragua
Mon 04 Oct 14:09 Arrived at Puerto del Sol Nicaragua 12:37.51N 87:20.51W
Mon 04 Oct 07:44 It's great to be back at sea on night shift the peace 12:42.55N 87:51.53W
Sun 03 Oct 19:48 On our WAY: off the Coast heading south 13:06.00N 88:38.90W
Sun 03 Oct 19:45 On our WAY: off the Coast heading south 13:06.00N 88:38.90W
Sun 03 Oct 03:29 All go to Leave tomorrow, but as you would expect last minute hiteches which will have to live with
Fri 01 Oct 13:31 Summer is over and our Stay in Elsalvador is at an End: A Reflection on the summer over
Sep 2010
Thu 30 Sep 04:00 Escape Reality "Movie Night"
Wed 29 Sep 03:57 Storm lingers Off Coast
Mon 27 Sep 23:35 Rain, Rain and more Rain
Sun 26 Sep 23:55 Rainy Sunday but Provisioning done
Sat 25 Sep 03:02 Sandwiched between Trop Storm Mathew and a Servere Tropical depression
Thu 23 Sep 19:54 Rain storms come up the Estuary and one of My Key Laptops Dies
Thu 23 Sep 00:49 Weather starts to play in to Calculations
Tue 21 Sep 04:39 Cool Evening breeze after a quick storm
Mon 20 Sep 05:26 A Great weekend in San Salvador especially for the kids
Sat 18 Sep 15:25 Saturday morning Group Violin in San Salvador
Fri 17 Sep 22:33 Time is coming close when they start talking Farewell party
Thu 16 Sep 03:55 Weather getting hotter, maybe we will see an early end to wet season.
Wed 15 Sep 04:11 That Wonderful Sense of Victory
Tue 14 Sep 13:53 The Fleet prepares to move onto the Next Season
Mon 13 Sep 05:01 Eating on the Estuary on a Sunday
Sun 12 Sep 02:56 Some photois from the last 2 weeks San Salvador, and Ruca Salino
Sun 12 Sep 02:53 A Big Asset of El Salvador is the NIce People
Sat 11 Sep 02:22 The otherside of El Salvador
Fri 10 Sep 04:14 How small the world is!!!!
Wed 08 Sep 03:18 Boy Talking Plans, and working through reality is Up Lifting
Tue 07 Sep 00:48 Back on the boat all Dry
Tue 07 Sep 00:34 4 days at Surf Camp Western El Salvador
Fri 03 Sep 02:25 Rain all day with a powerful weather system off the coast/ so day on education
Thu 02 Sep 04:56 Sun and dry conditions, makes it a nice time
Wed 01 Sep 13:19 Morning and the sun glisens over the water
Aug 2010
Tue 31 Aug 17:44 Paper / Paper work people invent it
Mon 30 Aug 01:55 Visit by the President of ElSalvador
Sat 28 Aug 03:39 Spanish 2 Year Birthday on the Island
Thu 26 Aug 03:47 Looking forward to Going South across the Cruisers Here in the Estuary
Wed 25 Aug 04:25 Moon out nice sea breeze up the rover
Tue 24 Aug 04:46 Tropical Storm Frank moves away, and Dryness Returns
Mon 23 Aug 04:32 Jack of All Trades
Sun 22 Aug 22:36 A coffee break as the rain comes down 13:18.08N 88:53.52W
Sat 21 Aug 02:22 Wet Ride with fast flowing rivers back to Antigua 14:33.40N 90:44.40W
Fri 20 Aug 02:51 A Dry Day First in a While
Thu 19 Aug 02:51 Spanish / Spanish
Wed 18 Aug 03:55 What a Magical Setting on Lake Atitlan Volcanos all around
Tue 17 Aug 23:27 Mountain road Trip, with the Latin American Buses adding colour 14:34.58N 91:11.11W
Mon 16 Aug 01:24 Our Quest to ride all Makes of Tuk Tuks
Sat 14 Aug 22:05 Coffee shops a delight!! and fresh Bakeries
Sat 14 Aug 20:57 FW: Adjusting for the Climate/ Rain, with new Port Covers
Sat 14 Aug 02:41 Exploring Again: Day Traveling to Antigua Guatemala, Borders and Washed away Bridges 14:33.40N 90:44.40W
Wed 11 Aug 03:58 Getting a boat import extention in the 3rd world
Tue 10 Aug 04:54 Working Together on the Dock
Tue 10 Aug 04:04 Family Photo in Bahia De Sol, Updated with smaller version
Mon 09 Aug 03:05 Tuna, Tuna , Tuna
Sun 08 Aug 01:25 Sean and I Explore the Mangrove Islands by Sail
Thu 05 Aug 22:36 Found some Guests in the Main Sail
Wed 04 Aug 05:37 Out with Toys on the River
Mon 02 Aug 15:46 Photois of life in Bahia De Sol, El Salvador
Mon 02 Aug 13:58 My Time
Jul 2010
Sat 31 Jul 05:33 Finding and fixing leaks
Fri 30 Jul 01:47 Sunset from Heaven
Thu 29 Jul 04:30 Bounced into San Salavdor on back of Pick Up Truck
Tue 27 Jul 03:47 Cruiser Friends over for Dinner
Mon 26 Jul 03:36 Thunder and lightening, and the pitti /patter of rain
Sun 25 Jul 04:13 Off to town up the river
Sat 24 Jul 04:37 Morning Row with Chracter (How Life Can be so SIMPLE)
Fri 23 Jul 04:04 How a Community Evolves
Thu 22 Jul 15:32 A new morning dawns
Wed 21 Jul 13:03 Morning at Bahia del Sol
Tue 20 Jul 02:52 Boat Gijima is on the dock, looking good.
Mon 19 Jul 16:14 Photos from Cusco and Galapagos
Mon 19 Jul 04:04 Arrived back in El Salavdor 13:18.08N 88:53.52W
Sun 18 Jul 14:31 Two Days of Travelling 12:06.43S 77:03.60W
Sun 18 Jul 04:17 How Traveling off the beaten Track can add Adventure
Sat 17 Jul 03:01 Adventoours final 2 days on Galapagos Islands
Wed 14 Jul 22:52 Day 5 on Galapagos Islands, Notes on Travelling in Galapagos
Wed 14 Jul 03:02 Day 4 on Galapagos Islands, Exploring the Island Life
Mon 12 Jul 20:25 Day 3 on Galapagos Islands,Snorkeling with Turtles and Walking with Giant Turtles
Mon 12 Jul 00:37 Day 2 on Galapagos Islands, walking on lava,swiming Iguanas, snorkeling a volcanoe crater
Sat 10 Jul 18:50 First day on Galapagos Islands, back in the water snorkeling with seals 1:20.15S 89:51.89W
Fri 09 Jul 00:07 In Quito for a night 0:12.26S 78:29.71W
Thu 08 Jul 15:28 Early Morning at Starbucks Lima Airport
Wed 07 Jul 02:33 Getting to be Part of Cusco
Mon 05 Jul 07:48 Exploring the Inca Agrriculture
Sun 04 Jul 01:46 Time to become apart of Cusco
Sat 03 Jul 02:54 Back in Cusco to Absorb the atmosphere 13:31.01S 71:58.72W
Thu 01 Jul 23:19 Six Months on a Reflection
Thu 01 Jul 01:35 Trained out of Jungle to top end of Sacred Valley: Ollantaytambo 13:15.79S 72:16.21W
Jun 2010
Wed 30 Jun 01:25 Machu Picchu unveils it's self in Wonder
Tue 29 Jun 01:58 Bouncing ride to Aguas Calientes (just below Machu Picchu) 13:09.02S 72:31.20W
Mon 28 Jun 01:20 Mountain Town and Traditional Markets
Sat 26 Jun 22:55 Exploring Pisco, amasing irrigation systems
Sat 26 Jun 01:22 Starting to Explore Inkas, Beer at the highest Irish Pub in the world!!!
Fri 25 Jun 02:29 Arrived in Sunshine to Cusco, now getting use to Altitude and tourists but nice town 13:31.01S 71:58.72W
Thu 24 Jun 02:46 What a day for Australia, out of world cup with it's only win, and a new First Female Prime Minister
Wed 23 Jun 02:43 How they used the GOLD
Tue 22 Jun 03:10 A day about Lima
Mon 21 Jun 16:31 Now for exploring Peru 12:06.43S 77:03.60W
Sat 19 Jun 23:40 Last Day in Chile on the Ski Slopes high Above Santiago
Sat 19 Jun 02:02 A Rainy day at the Interactive Center in Santiago 33:25.20S 70:41.13W
Thu 17 Jun 23:42 Leaving Easer Island and Heading back to Santiago
Wed 16 Jun 20:48 Enchanted at Easter Island
Wed 16 Jun 03:12 Photos from Eater Island rev 1
Tue 15 Jun 15:26 Settling into Island Life
Mon 14 Jun 03:04 Moai statues, mystery, and wonder, wild coast, wha a day!!!
Sun 13 Jun 02:26 Inspiration/ Going Beyond_ arrived Easter Island 27:09.46S 109:25.86W
Sat 12 Jun 01:35 Back in Santiago
Fri 11 Jun 03:05 A day on the Road Dodging Earthquake road construction 33:01.49S 71:33.60W
Wed 09 Jun 22:18 A day in the wineries, and rubble of the Earth quake
Wed 09 Jun 14:14 In the Wine Country of Chile 33:26.39S 70:38.57W
Tue 08 Jun 12:08 Back in Santiago for a Night 33:25.20S 70:41.13W
Mon 07 Jun 02:21 Becoming part of BA
Sat 05 Jun 01:27 Kids Inter-action good education great time
Fri 04 Jun 01:18 Exploring Buenos Aires
Thu 03 Jun 01:14 Morning Absorbing Iguazu Falls area at leisure before moving on to Buenos Aires 34:36.39S 58:22.78W
Tue 01 Jun 22:13 The Natural Spendor of Iguazu Falls Takes Our Breath Away 25:37.50S 54:26.12W
May 2010
Sun 30 May 23:58 Gijima comes through it's first Tropical Storm (Agatha)
Sun 30 May 00:46 The Simple Things of Life
Sat 29 May 01:13 Spectacular Autumn Day Around a Lake and Mountains
Fri 28 May 02:27 Day of Rest
Thu 27 May 01:16 We wake to Snow Drifting Down
Wed 26 May 02:02 Argentina Celebrates 200 years
Tue 25 May 00:34 Boys discover the Chocolate Factory
Mon 24 May 02:18 Arrived in Bariloche 41:03.17S 71:31.84W
Sun 23 May 13:40 Mountains rise above
Sat 22 May 23:19 Half way Across the Andes 41:05.16S 72:01.18W
Sat 22 May 00:07 A Reflection on Patagonia
Fri 21 May 13:22 Stepping back in time: Chiloe Island
Thu 20 May 02:23 Ventured to Puerto Varas and the Lakes
Wed 19 May 01:38 Good day at the Natural museum and flight back to Puerta Montt 41:28.18S 72:56.12W
Mon 17 May 22:30 Understanding the isolation and the want for independence
Mon 17 May 01:42 Sun out over the Straits of Magellan
Sun 16 May 00:24 Moved South to Punta Arenas 53:09.74S 70:54.58W
Sat 15 May 01:24 Alex turns 2, Sun out over the mountains
Fri 14 May 01:06 Exploring Fjords and Glaciers under Sunny Skies
Wed 12 May 23:11 Day in Torres Del Paine
Wed 12 May 22:09 Day4 PATAGONIA Channel Southern Chile Heading South Part7 Arrived at Puerto Natales7 51:48.43S 72:30.40W
Tue 11 May 22:28 Day4 PATAGONIA Channel Southern Chile Heading South Part 7 51:58.19S 73:37.35W
Tue 11 May 22:25 Photos from ist half Patagonia Channel Boat trip
Tue 11 May 22:25 Photos from Puerto Eden
Tue 11 May 21:35 Photos from Puerto Montt
Mon 10 May 22:49 Day3 PATAGONIA Channel Southern Chile Heading South Part 6 50:25.46S 74:46.17W
Mon 10 May 15:19 Day3 PATAGONIA Channel Southern Chile Heading South Part 5 Puerto Eden 49:07.57S 74:24.33W
Mon 10 May 00:42 Day2 PATAGONIA Channel Southern Chile Heading South Part 4 (dropped anchor) 48:45.50S 74:21.16W
Sun 09 May 16:37 Day2 PATAGONIA Channel Southern Chile Heading South Part 3 47:37.12S 74:58.21W
Sat 08 May 23:03 Day 1 PATAGONIA Channel Southern Chile Heading South Part 2 45:40.29S 73:50.45W
Sat 08 May 14:27 Day 1 PATAGONIA Channel Southern Chile Heading South 44:05.08S 72:22.02W
Sat 08 May 02:44 Left Puerto Montt on a calm night under Southern Stars 41:29.14S 72:56.13W
Fri 07 May 03:02 A cool wander around Puerto Montt,
Thu 06 May 01:27 FW: Arrived at Puerto Montt, Temperature has dropped 41:28.18S 72:56.12W
Wed 05 May 01:33 Natural Discovery in Santiago
Tue 04 May 00:44 Cafe's become a center of Life!!!
Sun 02 May 22:55 FW: Sunday Morning and we are in Santiago Chile 38:26.39S 70:38.45W
Sun 02 May 22:15 Sunday Morning and we are in Santiago Chile
Sat 01 May 01:50 Start of 2 1/2 months land travel to South America 12:06.43S 77:03.60W
Apr 2010
Fri 30 Apr 03:41 Day of decisions and indecision
Thu 29 Apr 02:59 Alex sick, and we have moved the Boat
Wed 28 Apr 18:26 What it Takes to Get a Postal Parcel!!!
Tue 27 Apr 03:38 Preparing to Leave Your Boat Do not Under Estimnate the work!!!
Mon 26 Apr 03:23 ANZAC DAy in El Salvador
Sun 25 Apr 03:55 Caught a Ride with the Pilot to lead a Boat out over the Bar
Sat 24 Apr 01:15 A bustling day at the docks
Fri 23 Apr 13:57 Donating to School, + food poisening
Thu 22 Apr 07:14 A day of contrast, giving and taking
Tue 20 Apr 22:11 Preparing the Boat for rainy Season
Tue 20 Apr 03:35 Learning Solar Power
Mon 19 Apr 05:27 Tracy Turns 40 in El Salvador 13:18.08N 88:53.52W
Sun 18 Apr 02:27 Writing this under the stars next to the pool
Sat 17 Apr 13:07 Its Morning My Thoughts
Sat 17 Apr 02:00 Exploring the Mangroves chased out by bees
Fri 16 Apr 04:12 Neighborhood Around Us
Thu 15 Apr 03:09 Explored the Island and the local School
Wed 14 Apr 03:51 Getting into a Rhythm
Tue 13 Apr 02:36 Visiting Maya Ruins of Copan
Mon 12 Apr 04:12 Day Exploring Volcanoes 14:28.43N 89:18.36W
Sat 10 Apr 03:44 Anchor day and Planning
Fri 09 Apr 03:20 Some More Photos from the Passage to El Salvador
Fri 09 Apr 03:20 More Photos from Bahia De Sol in El Salvador
Fri 09 Apr 03:20 Day in the Engine Room
Thu 08 Apr 03:35 Market Day up the Estuary
Wed 07 Apr 02:59 Day of finding deck Leaks
Tue 06 Apr 04:04 Photos from Huatelco(Mexcico)
Tue 06 Apr 04:03 Photos from the Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salvador)
Tue 06 Apr 04:03 Settling into Bahia De Sol Pase of Life/ Gary Takes on San Salvador
Sun 04 Apr 13:23 FW: Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salvador) Part 8 Crossing the Bar/ Arriving at Bahi De Sol 13:18.08N 88:53.52W
Sat 03 Apr 10:17 FW: Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salvador) Part 7 Down the Guatemalan coast 13:37.88N 90:24.94W
Sat 03 Apr 01:34 FW: Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salvador) Part 6 Down the Guatemalan coast 13:52.20N 91:30.06W
Fri 02 Apr 15:57 A Reflection of Mexico as We Leave It
Fri 02 Apr 15:57 Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salvador) Part 5 Final 50 miles in Mexico 14:25.89N 92:33.10W
Fri 02 Apr 06:23 Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salvador) Part 4 Final night in Mexico Waters 15:12.36N 93:31.35W
Thu 01 Apr 19:56 FW: Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salador) Part 3 Crossing the Tehuantepec 15:54.16N 94:16.04W
Thu 01 Apr 14:10 FW: Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salador) Part 2 Crossing the Tehuantepec 16:09.08N 94:56.53W
Thu 01 Apr 09:58 Passage Huatelco(Mexcico) to Bahia de Sol (El Salador) Part 1 Crossing the Tehuantepec 15:54.83N 95:15.60W
Mar 2010
Wed 31 Mar 01:27 Photos from Manzanillo
Wed 31 Mar 01:27 Photos from Zihuatanejo
Wed 31 Mar 01:27 Photos from Acapulco
Wed 31 Mar 01:27 Photos from the Passage Acapulco to Huatluco
Wed 31 Mar 01:27 Taking on the Gulf of Tehenapec
Tue 30 Mar 04:46 Day of Paper work for Mexican Check out, and a Day of Inspiration
Mon 29 Mar 03:28 Hot day in Huatelco
Sun 28 Mar 03:11 Passage Acapulco to Huatulco part 4 ( Pureta Angel to Huatulco) 15:44.50N 96:07.00W
Sat 27 Mar 03:22 FW: Passage Acapulco to Huatluco part 4 (Anchored atr Pureta Angel) 15:39.50N 96:29.50W
Fri 26 Mar 17:31 FW: Passage Acapulco to Huatluco part 3 (going for Pueta Angel) 15:48.46N 97:20.59W
Fri 26 Mar 08:45 Passage Acapulco to Huatluco part 2 (Night Shift) 16:08.70N 98:19.48W
Thu 25 Mar 19:02 Passage Acapulco to Huatluco 16:36.20N 99:33.82W
Thu 25 Mar 04:06 Acapulco seeing the "Cliff Divers" 16:50.46N 99:54.44W
Wed 24 Mar 09:55 Passage Zihuatanejo to Acapulco (rev2) 16:58.06N 100:28.27W
Wed 24 Mar 02:05 Passage Zihuatanejo to Acapulco 17:16.99N 101:10.66W
Tue 23 Mar 04:24 A Another day discovering Z "wot"
Mon 22 Mar 03:45 Z "wot" celebrates and we join in
Sun 21 Mar 03:44 A day in Zihuatanejo
Sat 20 Mar 03:01 Relaxing at Anchor in Zihuatanejo harbor 17:35.16N 101:33.28W
Fri 19 Mar 04:18 Arrived at Zihuatanejo 17:40.01N 101:36.93W
Tue 16 Mar 22:15 Spare Parts found, Spanish improving and day of Education
Tue 16 Mar 01:19 Doing supplies and getting caught out by Holiday
Mon 15 Mar 18:39 Photos from a Wander around Manzanillo
Mon 15 Mar 18:33 Photos from Tennacitta a Wonderful place
Mon 15 Mar 04:41 Manzanillo comes alive Sunday evening
Sun 14 Mar 03:19 Tenacitita to Manzanillo sun out, large swell 19:06.12N 104:20.68W
Sat 13 Mar 01:28 Final day at Tenacatita Bay
Fri 12 Mar 03:32 Waiting out wind a Seas in Paradise
Thu 11 Mar 03:06 The holiday continues at Tenacatita, plenty of activities
Wed 10 Mar 04:14 Dawn has broken over Tenacatita Bay
Tue 09 Mar 02:11 Jungle River Trip
Mon 08 Mar 02:19 Day surfing and dinghy sailing
Sun 07 Mar 03:07 Anchored in Tenacatita Bay, caught p with Friends 19:15.50N 104:51.09W
Sat 06 Mar 08:13 La Cruz to Tenacatita Night Shift 19:30.23N 105:12.41W
Fri 05 Mar 21:36 Rounding Cabo Corrientes 20:19.33N 105:43.76W
Fri 05 Mar 04:51 Final Day in La Cruz on Razors around docks
Thu 04 Mar 22:49 2 months into crusining life and my feelings
Wed 03 Mar 22:04 Exploring La Cruz
Wed 03 Mar 21:49 Trip to Chacala and Chacala a wonderful beach
Wed 03 Mar 21:21 Photos from Our Visit to Isabela Island
Wed 03 Mar 21:12 Photos from Wandering Around Old Mazatlan
Tue 02 Mar 04:42 Sailing into Banderas Bay (near Puerto Vallarta) 20:45.75N 105:21.42W
Mon 01 Mar 02:56 Sunday at Chacala
Feb 2010
Sun 28 Feb 04:02 Arrived at Chacala, after good passage 21:09.77N 105:13.61W
Sat 27 Feb 16:31 On Route to Chacala on the main coast, great whale show as we left
Sat 27 Feb 00:35 At Isla Isabela exploring the bird life
Fri 26 Feb 11:18 Underway from Mazatlan to Isla Isabella 22:07.59N 106:00.83W
Thu 25 Feb 04:02 Last Day in Mazatlan we hope and Parts arrive
Wed 24 Feb 04:18 Another day resting avoiding the wind
Tue 23 Feb 04:47 A day relaxing while waiting !!
Mon 22 Feb 04:00 Explored the towns in the foot mountains 50 to 60 miles outside Mazatlan
Sun 21 Feb 04:51 A day relaxing and exploring
Sat 20 Feb 05:17 Jobs finished for here, and great eveining in Old town with Scott
Fri 19 Feb 04:45 Productive Day on boat, then explored Old Town Mazatlan
Thu 18 Feb 05:40 Day sorting out the boat and tasks, Boys found great swimming pool
Wed 17 Feb 03:36 Great afternoon at the annual Carnival (Maadi Graa)
Tue 16 Feb 18:38 Arrived in Mazatlan off to Carnival 23:16.06N 106:28.12W
Tue 16 Feb 10:33 A night under the stars!! 23:24.05N 107:01.86W
Mon 15 Feb 22:48 In the mid Sea settling down and making good progress 23:53.38N 109:24.80W
Mon 15 Feb 16:31 We are under way on the Southern Crossing of the Sea of Cortez, (it's sloppy) 23:53.38N 109:24.80W
Mon 15 Feb 00:09 Our last day at "the Bay of Dreams"
Sun 14 Feb 01:15 Another day at the Giggle Marlin and Beach waiting for Weather
Fri 12 Feb 23:54 Photos of the last couple of days
Fri 12 Feb 18:26 I am sitting at a horse arena watching the kids ride
Thu 11 Feb 18:50 Some more photos from the Sea of Cortez
Thu 11 Feb 14:28 A rainy day with some fellow Aussies with Kids
Wed 10 Feb 19:50 More Phots from the last week
Wed 10 Feb 19:43 Some Photos from the last week
Wed 10 Feb 03:39 Turned South, had nice 30 mile sail 24:33.05N 110:23.32W
Wed 10 Feb 03:39 Good day sailing to "Giggle Marlin" 23:59.37N 109:49.61W
Mon 08 Feb 02:45 Gentle trip to San Evaristo 24:54.61N 110:42.11W
Sun 07 Feb 04:25 A day exploring by Canoe at Isla San Francisco Bay
Sat 06 Feb 04:27 Isla San Francisco Bay
Sat 06 Feb 04:26 kids Painting
Sat 06 Feb 04:23 A day from the Cruining Brochure!!, just pefect 24:49.29N 110:34.28W
Sat 06 Feb 04:21 A day from the Crusining Brochure!!, just pefect 24:49.29N 110:34.28W
Thu 04 Feb 21:33 Rocky 2 nights and moved on Isla San Franciso 24:49.29N 110:34.28W
Tue 02 Feb 23:01 What a Sea Life/ Adventure Day 24:35.11N 110:24.20W
Tue 02 Feb 05:26 A day of activity exploring, and another kidd boat turned up 24:33.60N 110:23.82W
Mon 01 Feb 04:41 Exploring Sea Caves, and moving to a new bay
Mon 01 Feb 04:36 Exploring Sea Caves, and moving to a new bay
Mon 01 Feb 04:36 Kidds at play in Caleta Partida
Jan 2010
Sun 31 Jan 04:46 A Day of Beach Combing and Anchor in Caleta Partida 24:31.95N 110:22.85W
Sat 30 Jan 02:33 Off again to Isla Espritu Santo, arriving at Caleta Partida (old volcanoe crater) 24:31.95N 110:22.85W
Fri 29 Jan 04:41 Transforming the boat from a dock boat, to island Cruising boat
Thu 28 Jan 05:31 Exploring La Paz
Wed 27 Jan 04:47 How priorities change, a task turns to a mountain (fixing a bicycle)
Tue 26 Jan 04:31 Achieving one of our goals of more time with kids and educating
Mon 25 Jan 03:18 North Wind blows and family settles in
Sun 24 Jan 04:22 Long Day driving to and from Cabo But Family now Together
Sat 23 Jan 03:58 The wind blew, even a little rain, so a lazy day
Fri 22 Jan 02:00 Shrimp on the Barbie, and a Post Card Sunset!!!`
Thu 21 Jan 03:03 Long day in the Engine Room, but winning
Wed 20 Jan 03:55 A Day Exploring La Paz by Bike
Wed 20 Jan 03:52 Part 3: Photo Reflection
Wed 20 Jan 03:32 Part 1: Photo Reflection on Leg 1 Farewell from Newport Thanks
Wed 20 Jan 03:32 Part2: Photo Reflection on Leg 1 to Turtle Bay
Tue 19 Jan 15:46 Day 1 in La Paz and general maintenance started
Mon 18 Jan 02:01 The final passage to La Paz completing Leg 1 24:10.96N 110:18.21W
Sun 17 Jan 14:21 Los Muetros a lovely spot 23:59.37N 109:49.61W
Sat 16 Jan 23:54 Long up hill run to "Giggle Martlin" 23:59.37N 109:49.61W
Sat 16 Jan 23:54 Note to those at "the Prom"
Fri 15 Jan 21:07 Lazy Friday at Anchor waiting for the blow to Pass, Steve Leaves the boat 23:22.83N 109:25.24W
Fri 15 Jan 01:26 FW: Cabo to Los Frailes along the Coast 23:22.83N 109:25.24W
Fri 15 Jan 00:30 Cabo to Los Frailes along the Coast 23:57.44N 111:24.52W
Wed 13 Jan 22:28 Anchored at Cabo, Time for Margetit 22:53.28N 109:54.06W
Wed 13 Jan 18:37 Morning and we 30 miles off Cabo after a good run over night 23:01.49N 110:15.59W
Wed 13 Jan 06:25 Heading for Cabo 23:57.44N 111:24.52W
Tue 12 Jan 14:55 Dropped anchor in Santa Maria bay under the hills and in Fog 24:46.44N 112:15.29W
Tue 12 Jan 05:19 Lobster dinner as farewell to Scorpian Bay 25:43.34N 112:26.49W
Mon 11 Jan 21:28 Spent the day Relaxing in Scorpion Bay (Bahia San Juanico )
Mon 11 Jan 02:15 A week in Review as We Sail across the Bay of the Whales (Bahia De Ballena) 26:15.07N 112:28.31W
Mon 11 Jan 02:12 A week in Review as We Sail across the Bay of the Whales (Bahia De Ballena) 26:15.07N 112:28.31W
Mon 11 Jan 02:09 A week in Review as We Sail across the Bay of the Whales (Bahia De Ballena) 26:15.07N 112:28.31W
Sun 10 Jan 02:47 Another Sunny morning Sailing on Gijima 26:43.99N 113:32.65W
Sat 09 Jan 03:30 A day with a bit of everything to make it the first real Mexican day 27:08.33N 114:17.37W
Sat 09 Jan 03:26 A day with a bit of everything to make it the first real Mexican day 27:08.33N 114:17.37W
Fri 08 Jan 04:00 Day of Rest in Turtle Bay 27:41.20N 114:53.12W
Thu 07 Jan 12:43 Anchored at Turtle Bay, nice final run around Cedros 27:41.20N 114:53.12W
Thu 07 Jan 00:19 Sun out, in Shorts and Caught 3 Yellow Tail 28:44.65N 116:26.51W
Wed 06 Jan 18:06 Sun out, spinacker up on a Wing on Wing run in Flat seas 29:22.52N 115:49.31W
Wed 06 Jan 18:01 Sun out, spinacker up on a Wing on Wing run in Flat seas 29:22.52N 115:49.31W
Wed 06 Jan 10:43 Clear Moon Night, with a Swarm of Stars Ride Through the Night 30:04.39N 116:05.30W
Wed 06 Jan 01:01 Pea Soup Fog Takes away Any Wind 31:10.32N 116:33.62W
Tue 05 Jan 22:05 Photos of Gijima leaving Newport Beach
Tue 05 Jan 19:34 Left Ensenada Heading for Turtle Bay 31:44.94N 116:47.87W
Mon 04 Jan 22:16 Checked in and Fueled up in Ensenada 31:51.75N 116:39.71W
Mon 04 Jan 10:30 Peaceful Night and Over the Border 32:03.50N 116:57.92W
Mon 04 Jan 00:00 We are on our Way!!! 33:11.08N 117:36.39W
Dec 2009
Thu 31 Dec 06:52 Packed Away Work Clothes
Tue 29 Dec 04:07 Christmas and a week to go before sailing 33:37.16N 117:55.48W
Sun 13 Dec 06:52 A month to go and Boat Parade Starts this week 33:37.16N 117:55.48W
Oct 2009
Sun 11 Oct 03:49 33:37.18N 117:55.03W 33:37.18N 117:55.03W
Sep 2009
Tue 22 Sep 04:40 Testing the web blog