Life in the slow lane

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Wed 13 Jun 2012 15:40
45:13.327n 015:22.020w


The slow life on the ocean wave continues on board, with regular watches and meals, irregular sleep, and occasional impromptu concerts and chances to brush up on astro navigation all taking their place in the routine.


We’re now well over half way home, with just over 500 miles to go.  There’s been the usual mix of weather, but with rather less sun than we might have hoped for – not a problem for me, fresh from a damp UK May, but a disappointment for John and Michaela, with memories of Caribbean warmth fading further with each mile North.


We’re currently heading East along 45°N, waiting for the next low pressure system to pass us enough for us to grab it’s coat tails across Biscay on Friday morning.  We expect the next couple of days to be quite boisterous, as the weather system moves North of us, but we’re far enough South to be out of the worst of it, and for the moment the seas are reasonably benign, with a mile breaking 20Kn of wind from the West pushing us along.


The current expectation is that we’ll get to Falmouth sometime on Sunday, although we’re not confident enough of the time to have made that restaurant booking yet…



John B,  Chiscos.