(Minor) Disaster

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Thu 13 Oct 2011 16:18
28:01.233n 016:36.706w
We left the anchorage at El Puertita and motored for a short while, bound for San Miguel.  The wind then came up from behind us, so we quickly got the parasailor ready to fly. It set beautifully, but then we realised that there was huge rip in it! We can only assume that when we last had it up in the very strong winds off La Palma it got ripped.
It came down immediately. It is a clean tear so we will try and get it repaired in Las Palmas.
As we rounded the island we were then faced with strong (F6) winds on the nose and ended up tacking into a huge heaving sea before we arrived off the marina at San Miguel.
This is a very strange place!! It is like a down market English seaside resort but hot! Cheap bars, the 'Queen Mary ll'cafe and the Nawaab Indian restaurant!!
Still, the marina is new and efficient. Although still windy we had a much calmer night last night and even managed to do some washing today!
Chiscos with her laundry flying!!
Tomorrow we plan to leave for Las Palmas on Gran Canaria  - the last part of this leg and start our preparations for the ARC.