A great week.

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Wed 2 May 2012 10:47
Last week we had Tom and Gemma Simpson on board as well as our friend Sue Shipley.
We enjoyed a wonderful week. All the new crew flew in from London and arrived at Village Cay marina. We then snorkeled at 'The Indians' and then enjoyed a night in The Bight on Norman island where the younger members of the team got to grips with the new dinghy engine!
The sunset that evening was magical.
The next day we sailed to Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke. This was a beautiful harbour (not very 'great'!!) nor was it very busy - but we had a pleasant stay.
The walk ashore was hot  - and the 'newly weds' found a hammock to lie in on the beach. 
That afternoon Tom and I were able to continue our World Championship Caribbean Diving competition!! The judges awarded an 'age before beauty' prize to the guy in the black shorts!! (and zero points for style!!)
After leaving Jost Van Dyke we stopped at Sandy Cay where we had stopped in 2007 when we were last on holiday here. We swam ashore and had a magical time. It is still as lovely as ever!
We then sailed to Virgin Gorda and spent the night in the marina there before heading to Salt Island to meet up with Mikaela and her parents (who were sailing on a Sunsail flotilla holiday) and have a beach bbq.
It was great fun. The musicians played, the cake makers made a great cake and the chap tending the fire did a wonderful job!
After a good sail up to Virgin Gorda Sound and a good snorkel off The Sand Box bar (which was unfortunately closed!) we headed to Trellis bay for our last evening dinner.
We met with Mikaela and her parents again and had a wonderful evening (with most of the crew wearing their Chiscos shirts!!)before the crew had to leave early the following morning to return to London.
Father and son together!