Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Mon 10 Oct 2011 15:21
28:02.064n 017:16.516w
Today we motored to the anchorage at Cantera. For the younger viewers of this blog we passed this headland which we all felt looked rather like the lion in 'The Lion King'!!
As we approached the anchorage I was concerned that there may be isolated uncharted rocks in the bay so we sent the crew up the mast to look down and shout if they saw anything untoward.
Fortunately they didn't and we didn't encounter anything uncharted.
Cantara is a small bay with a old disused fish canning factory at its head. Unfortunately, the skipper forgot to take a picture of the bay!
It provided a lovely venue for a quiet evening. We did go ashore and explore the old factory, but it wasn't quite as deserted as the pilot book suggested and seemed to have at least two human inhabitants (who we didn't see until we were back on the boat) who had that morning hung out their washing! It was windy and the whole place was rather creepy, dead silent except for the odd banging piece of wood. We had plans to use the BBQ and cook ashore, but it didn't feel good so we ate on board.