15th June 250 miles to go....

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Wed 15 Jun 2005 13:55
Yes we now have about 250 miles to go until we get to Falmouth. The prayers Regis said to king Neptune obviuosly worked as the wind came up soon after his prayer session and we have enjoyed 2 days of strong SW winds.The seas are VERY rolly and the boat often goes from gunwhale to gunwhale. Not too bad if you're on deck, dreadful if you're trying to sleep.
The crew are fine and being well fed by Dave B who has assumed overall catering control(mainly because the rest of us are useless!!!....come back Carrie all is forgiven!!) We still have 3- 4 full days sailing to go but it looks as though we will arrive in Southampton Ocean Village Marina on Saturday afternoon....no guarentees though!! (the wind has fallen light in the last 1/2 hour - we may be out here for ever!!)
I know many of you are planning to come down to OVM when we arrive. Susan is co-ordinating the timings(along with King Neptune!!). Call her on 01962 850630 for the latest arrival time.