Day 6

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 25 Nov 2011 15:26
21:55.88n 025:16.59w
We have had reports that the blog has not been updating so we will try and send this one without pictures to see if it will upload.
Our passage continues to go well. We are now 701 miles out of Las Palmas with about 2100 miles to go to St Lucia. The weather is overcast with a SE wind blowing about force 4.
Life on board continues to assume a degree of rhythm. We arise at various stages in the morning depending on which watch you had in the night. Tonight I am on between 1am and 4am, so will look forward to a decent sleep after that. Breakfast is a casual affair. Late morning we are ready to check in for the for SSB radio sked at 12 noon when all the boats 'check in' and give their positions and relay stories about what they have done in the last 24 hours.  It is full of stories of fish that got away, broken bits of equipment, and other scary (or hilarious) encounters. All our followers will be pleased to hear that we won yesterday's limerick competition with our offering.  After the sked we usually have lunch. Today was soup with fresh baked naan bread. During the afternoon we usually catch up on the email/read/fish/clean/bake or sometimes we even sing with the guitar. Around 5pm we have our happy hour, when we put music on the stereo and all congregate in the cockpit and chat before we have dinner.  We eat at 6pm, it then gets dark about 6.46 - 7pm. By 8pm we have settled into the night, crew are either in bed, or reading quietly before their night watches.
It might sound boring - but it's great fun and the days are flying by.