Not one - but two!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sun 27 Nov 2011 11:07
20:11.92n 029:01.27w
So at last! After much trying, our expert fisherman caught not one, but two fish on Friday (two days ago)
The first one was quite small so we put that back, the second (photographed above) was larger, we estimated about 2lbs. We think it was a dorado. Regis gutted and filleted it and we had it for lunch yesterday. It was wonderful and just about the right size for the four of us, for a light lunch. We heard from NYDA that they had caught a 19lb fish measuring 1.2 metres!! We were quite pleased we hadn't had to eat something quite so big!
After all the excitement of the fishing, yesterday proved to be rather a frustrating day. The wind was very light and we slopped about, not going very far, very quickly. The wind has come up this morning so we are powering along under the parasailor doing at about 6kts. We have just about reached the 1/3 of the way point, and have sailed nearly 1000 miles in our first week. We estimate it will take us about two more weeks to cover the remaining 1868 miles to St Lucia.
The on board rhythm continue. Most activity surrounds keeping the boat going, music (we have done a lot of singing, playing and listening to music) and what to eat for our next meal! Julia has been (as usual) absolutely outstanding, baking fresh bread, making mango chutney to go with the the curry we had the other evening, and producing wonderful meals. The boat systems are all working well. With the generator and the watermaker, we have plenty of power and fresh water, so we are able to cook, wash (etc) and carry on life, pretty much as normal.