Povoa de Varzim

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 2 Sep 2011 13:25
41:22.28n 08:45.94w
So.......the chief blogger has left the boat (and the country)
......and the responsibility for the blogging falls to the skipper! This will not be quite up to the 'BBC foreign correspondent' standards set by Susan but I shall do my best!!
The new crew assembled in Baiona.
Anne and Julia arrived from a rain swept Porto and were keen to show off their new purchase designed to keep the rain off! They claimed they had got some funny looks from the locals. I can't imagine why!!!!!!
Elise arrived from Rome. At least she arrived. Unfortunately her luggage didn't! It was promised for 9 am the next morning. It eventually arrived at 9 am Spanish time (about 11am!!) We then left Baiona immediately. The weather in Baiona had been awful. Quite cold and driving rain. It cleared briefly as we left but the wind was strong and on the nose!
As forecast, this declined once we got out to sea and we had a pleasant motor all the way to Povoa do Varzim arriving here at about 2000.
Once they had worked out what all the bits of string were for......
the new crew quickly got into the swing of the watch system and had no problem relaxing during their off watch times!!
Julia has so far conjured up some outstanding meals. It will be a real pleasure having her on board for the ARC! (although I am worried about my waistline!)
The marina at Povoa seems very pleasant and welcoming. 
There are a number of ARC boats here and we have dinner with Geoff and Ann from 'Nyda' tonight whom both Anne and I know.