Mayreau and more dinghy issues!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Thu 16 Feb 2012 16:20
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The anchorage in Bequia is beautiful. Fortunately we were anchored quite close to the jetty and were able to dinghy across the bay and walk up to Coco's bar for internet connection and drinks.
The view from Coco's bar and restaurant with Chiscos centre of the picture.
Unfortunately, on one occasion (stone cold sober I would hasten to add!!) the crew carefully locked up the boat, went ashore with the skipper and locked the dinghy to the pontoon (as has become customary). Later, when we came to go home, we discovered that the keys were still on the boat but the dinghy was locked to the pontoon!! Fortunately the water was warm so the skipper was able to swim to the boat , get the keys and then swim back to unlock the dinghy!! The crew was very embarrassed!!
We then left for Mayreau. As we sailed out there were some magnificent boats in the harbour at Bequia.
The trip to Mayreau took most of the day and we sailed straight to Saline Bay. This was a beautiful place.
There were a few charters boat here, but it was quite quiet.
During the next day we walked around the island.
The island is pretty small and has just one village some beautiful beaches....
.........and a small church on the top of the hill.
From the top of this hill you can look down on the Tobago Cays and the surrounding islands. It is a magnificent place.
We were very amused to go into the church, which looked well kept but not that heavily used, and see the hymn board which was still showing the hymns for Christmas!
But clearly, even on this side of the world, you need to stick to the staple Christmas tunes!!
In the evening we went ashore for diner at the famous 'Robert Righteous and de Youths' restaurant. It was a lovely place and we had a good chat with Robert who not only managed the place, but waited on the tables and also cooked some fantastic West Indian/Caribbean food!!
When we returned to the dinghy after our dinner, it was missing!
After a bit of searching we discovered it has been washed under the old metal pontoon we were tied to. Fortunately it was not punctured but was completely awash, the engine was damaged and the oars were missing!! We recovered it and did the best we could in the dark. The engine started so we limped back to the boat. The skipper was up early next morning getting out the masks and snorkels and preparing to go back to the beach and search for the lost oars. As the crew packed up the various bits and pieces we went to collect something from the workshop - only to discover that the oars were there! We hadn't lost them after all! In fact, hadn't even taken them with us!!!!
Unfortunately the engine was still badly scratched but has now been repaired and is working OK.
Yesterday we sailed down from Mayreau to Union Island to be here in preparation for the birthday celebrations!! We had a quick walk around town this morning and visited one or two of the local stores to make sure we were up to date with the latest retail trends - though I think the UK may still be ahead!!