Welcome to Paradise. Thurs Mar 1

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 2 Mar 2012 13:25

Paradise seems like quite a routine comparison to make for these Caribbean islands. My St Lucian taxi driver Kurt responded rather bluntly to my question about whether he ever left the island saying:"Why would you want to leave paradise?" Tonight as we arrived in Rupert Bay, Dominica, our new best friend Alexis arrived in his little speed boat to greet us with the words: "Welcome to paradise!" More about him later I expect. They certainly win the flag for the closest flag to paradise:

The only problem is that it's absolutely tipping with rain in Paradise and, for the first time in 3 months, Skip and First Mate/Ship's Boy have had to wear that garment they last put on 3 months ago…a coat!

Skipper went a step further to stop his precious khaki shorts getting wet. Pirate boxers!

We had a long and rough crossing over from Martinique but things calmed down again once we started going up the long western coast of Dominica. Best of all: We saw a whale! Your incompetent blogger failed to capture this moment on camera but there were 4 witnesses for verification purposes. We think it was either a small sperm whale which are apparently common down this coast or a pilot whale. Either way it leapt out of the water in the most spectacular fashion and we were able to see it pass between us and the island.  A thrill for all of us.

I'm doing my best with Regis' amazing fishing equipment which he left on board. I've had a selection of lures trawling out the back for the best part of the last couple of days and a rather catastrophic attempt to fish from a static position on the boat which resulted in the loss of a lot of line! So far that tuna has yet to land on our dinner plates. But I'm thinking positive and continue to be determined to counter the massive scepticism of my own family back home and the growing sceptical sentiments of my fellow crew. Stay positive! You'll be the first to hear if my fortunes change!