Where is everyone?

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 9 Mar 2012 04:01
16:48.40N 62:12.80W

Little Bay, Montserrat

This is the main mooring bay for Montserrat. You may observe one tiny but very special yacht moored here in Little Bay. But why were we we the only ones here? Here are a number of possible reasons:
  1. On the voyage to Monsarrat from Guadeloupe we may have been lucky enough to see our second pod of dolphins but we also got caught in a squawl of "Perfect Storm" proportions which Skip and First Mate/Ship's Boy were thrilled to see tipped the wind speed at 42 knots. For me, it was reach for the life jackets and help reef the sails as quickly as possible!
  2. The guide book spoke of how beautiful this mooring is in South or South-Easterly winds but how beastly it is in rolling North or North-Easterlies. 
  3. The projected ensuing journey onto Antigua meant a bash head on into Force 8 winds and swell which even the Skipper predicted would be the worst trip of the fortnight. (in fact it was bright and sunny although very rough AND we saw our second whale)
  4. Chiscos' generator has been playing up involving long and involved emails with the installers. So no electricity or fresh water.
  5. Chiscos' dinghy and outboard need some TLC meaning that anchoring in a remote spot has some extra special uncertainties.
We certainly felt off the beaten track, but not so far off as I discovered we had a bureau which I never knew about:

This turned out to be an electrical appliance shop!