Rolling to The Cape Verde Islands

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 25 Nov 2011 15:11
23:11.63n 022:51.40w
Day 5
What an incredible trip! I think it would be fair to say that the crew of Chiscos are having a fantastic trip!  We have now settled into something of a routine at sea. Chiscos is performing wonderfully! We have now had the parasailor up for about 30 hours nonstop and sailed all the way through the night with it. It is a very stable sail and makes the boat very steady. The seas are not too big at present but the boat does rooooolllllll! We are now 540 miles out of Las Palmas, about 450 miles north of the Cap Verdes, with 2251 to go to St Lucia, and already the time is flying.
Julia is passing her time cooking for England (and France as well!!)
This is a quick photo of today's pies!... and for all you pie lovers out there, they were excellent! Apple on the left and eccles cakes on the right.
We were told that the sunrises and sunsets were exceptional, and this is already proving to be the case. This morning's sunrise was breathtaking.
We took this shot just before sunset last night:
The other occupation has been fishing. Yesterday in quick succession around midday we got two fish on the line. Both times we lost them either because the lure broke or the line broke. But this has inspired our fisherman to tackle his art with renewed vigor!
The radio net on the SSB is also proving to be great fun. For some reason the fishing competition is being hosted by us!! There is also a technical question of the day, which so far, we have provided as well. Yesterday's net controller set a limerick competition, with the first line being, 'There once was a boat in the ARC.....' Our offering, written by Julia and to be play at 12 noon is as follows:
There once was a boat in the ARC
with a cook, making food that's an art
but top of her menu, whatever the venue,
was dancing and having a lark.
On that very same boat in the ARC,
was a Frenchman, tres keen to make his own mark,
his objective was fishing,  -  sadly they're missing,
but there's still plenty of time for a shark.
Next comes our gorgeous Mikaela,
a delight to all that have spied her.
Her proportions are ample, but that's just a sample
of the joy that she has in her heart
Our quartet is complete with our skipper,
whose vast musical skills never differ,
with our crews non inhibitions, and his cheeky renditions,
makes Chiscos the liveliest boat in the ARC!