19th June...We made it

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sun 19 Jun 2005 19:23
We made it! We arrived at Southamptons Ocean Village Marina at 1610 on Saturday 18th June. We did get to Falmouth the day before(Friday) without running out of fuel (though it was close!) and then motored the 158 miles at full speed to Southampton.
The crew of Dave A, Dave B and Regis were fantastic. We were all pleased to arrive but didn't expect a welcoming party with balloons, banners and medals for the crew and even a cake! It was not quite Ellen McArthur style but a great reception none the less!!
We logged 1382 miles from Horta (1223 to Falmouth). The total trip was 3539 miles and we motored for about 300 hours! Max wind strength recorded was 40.7 knots in the Atlantic and the biggest wave height was huge!!
The photographic highlights from the trip are shown below.I hope you enjoy them.
This will be the final web-log entry and as a final word I wish to thank all the crew for making the trip possible and look forward to sailing with you all again.
Fishing - Dave B style (never caught anything mind!)
Watch keeping Dave A style
Dave A's birthday
The Crew after arriving in Southampton
The Welcome Home Cake  - made by Alexandra