From the Netherlands back to France!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 6 Apr 2012 09:31
17:54.330n 062:51.450w
One of the unusual things about sailing around these islands is how they can be so different when they are so close together.  From Statia, with a feel of organised Holland and the Guilder as currency, we sailed for St Barts which is very definitely French and back in the Eurozone!  We had arranged to meet ARC yacht 'Beyzano' in the bay at Gustavia.  Mikaela was helping Rob Marshall to sail Beyzano south from the British Virgin Islands whilst Joe and Clair were on board Chiscos and Rhian Marshall had had to return to the UK for a few weeks.  We successfully anchored close together and set off to check in and explore the town.  We discovered that we had arrived in their equivalent of Cowes week, with the quay full of superyachts and a live band setting up ready to play an outdoor concert in the evening.
Whilst we were in Gustavia we seemed to spend much of our team eating (Clair finally found coconut icecream) or shopping in the excellent Chandlery.  One of our purchases was a new fishing reel.  We did wonder whether it might have been cheaper just to buy ourselves a good supply of fresh fish for the same price!  However, we look forward to Joe catching us our dinner at some point over the next few weeks.
Our lunch stop ................ yummy!
We decided that we should all wear our crew shirts in the evening as we were mixing with the superyacht crews at the live music events.  Mikaela 'mutinied' and wore a Beyzano shirt!