Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Fri 19 Aug 2011 15:16
42:25.72n 08:42.14w
A short, gentle sail brought us to Combarro, tucked away at the top of the Ria da Pontevedra.  We anchored just next to the marina which gives us a bit of shelter from the wind that blows up the Ria during the day.  We went ashore to see whether Combarro lived up to its picturesque reputation and found that it is the prettiest village we've come across so far.
The centre of the village, next to the water seen here, is a maze of tiny streets of cottages which have been retained very much in their original condition.  In many places we have visited there have been one or two old buildings amongst many 1960's type concrete buildings so it was interesting to see how these fishing communities might have been.  The village is reminiscent of Cornish fishing villages, but without the harbour.  The streets are narrow and sheltered, with narrow alleyways leading to the sea which suggest that the weather is not normally as kind as it has been for the last few days.  There are some attractive examples of the storage buildings called 'horreos' which we have seen all over this area.   These are used to store food, such as grain and other crops. The buildings are ventilated using slatted bricks and built on stilts shaped like mushrooms so that vermin can't get past the top.  They are often quite decorative and horreos are still built with modern houses today.
As night fell the wind dropped away completely and we had our most peaceful night at anchor so far.  Today (Friday) we have had a lazy day on the boat, doing a few odd jobs and reading in the sunshine.  We contemplated going ashore this afternoon but decided to go later, which was lucky because we both suddenly became aware that we were moving backwards quite quickly, despite having been firmly fixed in the same spot for the past 24 hours!  After a flurry of activity, calm has now been restored but I think we will wait until the wind drops before we go ashore today!