Incident reported live from Iles Des Saintes

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Mon 5 Mar 2012 10:54

"..... And we can now go over to our northern correspondent with the latest developments on the mooring buoy incident on Chiscos late yesterday.


"Thanks Jonathan. We are here on deck of the Chiscos and I'm happy to tell you that apart from some damaged pride, the crew are safe and well and in surprisingly good spirits given their ordeal. I have with me John, the skipper and the cabin boy, who wishes to remain anonymous."


"John, talk me through the rescue operation. I understand the French played a significant part?"


"Yes that's right. We were amazed at the speed with which they rescued the runaway dingy. I've always been a huge supporter of the French and I'm thinking of becoming a French citizen in gratitude for their help."


"Blimey! .....and Cabinboy, how was it from where you were?"




"I also understand, John, that after the rescue you had to spend most of last evening marooned on the beach?"


"Yes that's right. We were on a small deserted beach on Ilet a Cabrit opposite the main island of Les Saintes. We used some basic survival techniques to make a fire from some driftwood  Fortunately a bottle of rum, gin, 2 bottles of wine, some finely seasoned pork and chicken, a salad and a full dining set were also washed up on the beach. And we were able to make it through the evening."


"By heck! Thanks for that. The crew of Chiscos are now making preparations to head to Guadeloupe, their next port of call. We wish them all the best and safe journey. Back to you Jonathan in the studio with the weather....."


"Ford Watson reporting there live from Iles Des Saintes......"