Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Thu 29 Mar 2012 17:58
17:33.249n 061:46.183w
We set sail early from Green Island to reach Barbuda whilst there was still plenty of light, as we knew there were reefs to negotiate when we got there.  For the first time since John arrived in the Caribbean in December, he wished there was more wind, but it remained very light all the way.  However, we were able to sail with the Parasailor and had a gentle sail all the way.  Barbuda is very low lying and didn't come into view until we had about 5 miles still to run.  When we arrived, we negotiated our way through the rocks with Joe and Clair keeping a lookout on the foredeck.
Our photos don't do the colour of the sea justice.  It was actually reasonably easy to see where it was safe - we just followed the turquoise bits between the darker rocks!  The beach where we anchored (Cocoa Point) was 16km of pristine, soft white sand.  There were only 9 other boats anchored along the whole of the beach, so it was quite deserted.  We behaved like true Brits and had a cup of tea and a piece of cake when we arrived. The cake had been made by John's Mother and arrived in one piece despite having been squashed into my hand luggage!  It was a delicious treat.
As you can see, the beach was completely deserted and we decided to go ashore for a beach barbecue at sunset.  John and I went ahead to start the fire whilst Joe set to work making some fantastic beefburgers.  He and Clair brought the food ashore just as the sun was setting. 
We enjoyed a fabulous meal, then sat around the camp fire talking well into the evening. 
A great end to a perfect day.