From Dolphins to Whales

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Thu 28 Jul 2011 15:38
45:35.44n 007:38.42w
We're well over half way from Falmouth to La Coruna now, slightly disbelieving that tomorrow we may be in Spain!  Yesterday (Wednesday) was a beautiful day - clear blue sky, bright sunshine, but not much wind.  We had our bright red parasailor sail up and managed about 4 knots on average during the day.  By the end of the day the wind dropped completely so the engine went on again and we kept up a steady 7 knots under engine all night.  The sea was relatively calm so those who were in bed got some good sleep!  Those who were on deck spent the night watching a procession of big ships parade by on our port (left-hand) side.  At dawn we crossed the shipping lane and since about 10.00 am today (Thursday) we haven't seen another vessel.
Yesterday we were joined at several points in the day by a pod of dolphins.  There were about 10 of them leaping and playing about in the spray at the front of the boat.  They put on a good display of barrel rolls, twists and turns, including what looked to be a co-ordinated synchronised leap as three of them shot forward at the same speed and height.  They call to each other all the time and sound as though they plan the display!  They certainly look to be enjoying the game.
Thursday has been mixed on the weather front.  We had no wind and it was overcast until mid-afternoon.  By about 3.00 pm, the wind suddenly started to fill in from the North East, the clouds cleared and the sun shone again.  We are currently cruising under parasailor at about 5 knots, so making good progress.  The visiting wildlife has been bigger today - in the form of whales!  We have seen several surfacing nearby - thankfully not too close - but haven't yet managed to get a picture.  We spotted a whale shortly after the resident band struck up this afternoon. Not sure if there's a connection, maybe the whale is a Status Quo fan!