Half way at last!

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Thu 24 May 2012 06:32
38:26.33n 046:37.48w
We were a little previous with our decision to have a half way dinner the other night! The wind a currents (which there seem to be plenty of in the Atlantic) were not playing ball so we eventually had our half way celebrations last night. Total distance from Bermuda to Azores is about 1880 miles, and yesterday we passed 940.
We celebrated in style with a pizza and movie night on board Chiscos as the weather was fine and we were able to have a more relaxed evening. Ray Charles was the subject of our movie and our thanks go to Jonathan who sent the movie out to us a few weeks ago. We all enjoyed it and sailed along oblivious to the rolling motion of the boat!
The parasailor came out yesterday, the first time since we tore it on the way into Bermuda. The repair looked fine and all little strings which hold the wing up, seemed to be ok. A great relief to all on board.
We have now started to make better progress towards Horta. Currently we have 848 miles to go. The wind is favourable and even the currents are going or way. As we have sailed the whole way, we believe we towards (or actually at!!) the back of the fleet. Many boats have motored for up to 48 hours and have got a long way ahead of us.  We should arrive in Horta on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. The rest of the fleet look as though they will be there over the weekend!
The boat and the crew are all fine. The girls have been producing some wonderful meals - the Swiss rosti and apple crumble, being a particular highlight! ....and the squeak that has tormented the skipper whilst on starboard tack over the last week, has finally been detected and sorted.