No wind....

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Tue 8 May 2012 09:29
24:39.059n 064:56.097w
We are making good progress towards Bermuda but this is likely to end soon as we will run out of fuel! There is absolutely no wind here and we have been motoring for about 45 hours. Our teeth are chattering in time to the engine and we are desperate for some wind so that we can start to sail.
We have about 465 miles to go to Bermuda, enough fuel for about another 24 hours motoring, but we will need to keep most of this in reserve just in case we get near to the island and we are forced to motor clear again. The weather prospects look average! (at best!) It looks like it will be calm again today but hopefully some wind may come up tonight or tomorrow.
On the radio net this morning we heard that  some boats have already stopped motoring because of a lack of fuel - and will just have to stop and wait for the wind. 
Fortunately Chiscos runs well under engine and despite a problem with a leak on the cooling header tank cap, we are in reasonable shape.
The crew are in fine form and we have all settled into a routine of 4 hour watches during the day and 3 hours in the night. It does make for a short, rather interrupted night (!) but is manageable and considerably better than sailing with just two up.
We have fished a fair bit, but we are missing Regis, our master fisherman from the Atlantic. There is also a lot of weed in the water and large lumps of it keep getting caught in the line - which makes the fishing difficult.
There is not much out here! We saw a small pod of dolphins yesterday and on Sunday we saw some whales. There are lots of flying fish which are easier to spot when the sea is very calm. A bird tried to land on the boat this morning. It was a white bird with a very long tail, about the size of a pigeon. Does my resident ornithologist (Jean) know what it was? 
Let's hope for some wind