Sanxenxo (pronounced Sanshensho)

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Thu 18 Aug 2011 10:15
42:23.77n 08:48.22w
We didn't go ashore at San Vincente but it looked a pleasant beach from our vantage point in the bay.  There was one other boat in the anchorage, also flying the British ensign and an ARC 2011 flag.  Whilst we were eating our evening meal the other boat started to sound it's fog horn and as it wasn't foggy we guessed they were trying to attract our attention!  We put the radio on, called them up and were invited over to their boat for a drink.  Stuart and Anne had sailed their boat 'Time Bandit' from Oban via Ireland and were heading for Lisbon to leave their boat there until later in the year.  We look forward to meeting them again in Las Palmas for the ARC rally.
Wednesday morning dawned overcast and windless, but the sun soon burned off the cloud and a sea breeze came up.  There wasn't enough wind to power Chiscos but we moved on anyway as we only had a short distance to go under engine.  We needed to fill up with diesel, having nearly used up the fuel we bought in Falmouth, so we headed for Sanxenxo which has a large marina with all facilities. Here's Chiscos with John on deck at the fuel pontoon.
We had intended to go to the next bay to anchor overnight but Sanxenxo looked a nice place to visit so we moved onto the visitors' pontoon to stay the night in the marina.  We have definitely crossed a line into prosperous Spain here.  The town is a holiday resort, similar in feel to Torquay but nicer (and a lot warmer!).  It's very much cleaner and tidier than the places we have already visited and feels quite sophisticated.  The Spanish approach to time is much the same though - I went to the beach along with the crowds at 6.00 pm, had a swim and people-watched until 8.30 pm when everyone started to leave the beach.  We even managed to get the restaurant timing right in the evening because we weren't there waiting for it to open!  We sat down to order at about 10.00 pm and had a lovely meal on a terrace overlooking the harbour.
John ordered a dish that combined all his favourite tastes in one - it was a baked dish containing potatoes, ham, cheese, garlic sauce, prawns, eggs and topped with pieces of fried bread (note the eggs, Regis!).  It sounds an unusual mixture but apparently it was delicious!  I had a whole turbot, which was equally good.
The area around the marina was full of trendy open-air bars.  This was my favourite so we stopped and had a drink here on the way back to the boat.  I have suggested to John that this is how our patio at home should look!
We are moving on again today (Thursday), intending to anchor at Combarro, which is described in the pilot book as one of the most picturesque locations in Galicia.