No wind

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Wed 7 Dec 2011 22:55
15:42.89w 054:31.44w
The weather forecasters have been correct and as predicted, we have fallen into something of a wind hole. So reluctantly, we have put our engine on and are now motoring towards St Lucia looking for wind. Tonight we  have 389 miles left to run and I hope we will not have to motor all the way!
The last few days have been filled with very changeable weather. We have experienced many powerful squalls with heavy lashing rain and strong winds. They normally pass over head in about half an hour - but what a half hour!
We have had no further success with our fishing although have had two big bites and we even saw one of the fish, but we were unable to land it before it broke free. One bite we had, pulled all the line off the reel and pulled the rod so hard, it broke the handle of the rod. Unfortunately that one also got away before we could land it!! (We have been able to repair the rod)
We have also had to effect running repairs to the auto helm (which involved taking the wheel off  - always a challenge when you're sailing along!!) and the main sheet traveler. Otherwise the boat is in good fettle.
The crew are equally in good spirits. I think we are all looking forward to getting to St Lucia now. With luck we should be there during the weekend, but we will need to see what the wind does before we can be more specific on our arrival time. A post will appear on face book when we have arrived.