A night with Willy T

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Thu 12 Apr 2012 09:18
18:19.084n 064:37.024w
Having provisioned the boat for a few days, completed the repairs and done some laundry, we set off for Norman Island and a bay called The Bight.  Sailing in the BVI feels very different to the rest of the Caribbean.  The islands are close together and the distances between possible anchorages is very short.  There are hundreds of charter boats here, so it feels crowded and not unlike sailing in a very hot version of The Solent!
The snorkelling and diving here is spectacular and the Marine Park authorities are doing all they can to protect the sea bed from the anchors of all the cruising boats.  The whole of the bay in The Bight was filled with mooring buoys for visiting boats to pick up rather than dropping their anchors.  It was quite costly at $30 for a night's stay on a buoy, but at least we did our bit for the environment!  John played the guitar for the rest of us to sing whilst we enjoyed the sunset from the cockpit.
After our evening meal (a lovely beef/pasta dish cooked by Clair) we took the dinghy across to an old sailing vessel called the William Thornton (known as Willy T's) which is moored permanently in the bay and used as a bar.  We were quite pleased with ourselves as in virtually every other place we visited during our three weeks aboard, we have either arrived on a night when the bar/restaurant was closed, or we have been the only people there.  Finally we had found a party and had a great night dancing on deck and getting to know some of the other visiting sailors, including one we christened the Duracell Bunny man due to his amazing energy levels, and Stephanie who was struggling to keep her wayward father-in-law and brother-in- law under control but without much success!