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Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Tue 20 Mar 2012 11:51
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Sadly last weekend we had to say goodbye to Jonathan who returned to the UK.
He did take life quite gently whilst he was here, but he did a fantastic job with his witty and informative blogs, and he will be (is being!) missed.
We have spent the last week getting the boat ready for the next part of the trip and playing music! We were approached by a guy who just came up to the boat and asked 'were we the two musicians?' Well, we couldn't really deny it! He came aboard and asked if we would play with him at a gig in two days time. We agreed and ended up playing at the 'Hot Hot Hot Spot' in Nelson's dockyard to rapturous applause!
We were then asked to play again at the much more up market 'Panerai' bar next to the Antigua Yacht club on Friday night.
It went well, but the guitarist didn't turn up, so we ended up with the Skipper playing the the piano and the trumpet at the same time!
The 'Cabin Boy' played her violin expertly, but was taking this picture which is why she isn't in shot!!
On Sunday night in Antigua the place to be seen is Shirley heights where steel bands play and then a rock band takes over later in the evening.
The view across English Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard is spectacular. The sunset is often brilliant. The evening we were there was clear, but the sunset wasn't outstanding, although the view was outstanding.
However, we were delighted to meet our old friend Jan, from the Finnish boat 'Suzanne' who we had first met in Portugal, and then in Las Palmas and also St Lucia.
He was on fine form. Sailing with a new crew (Johannes), he has been in the BVI and is hauling out in Antigua for the hurricane season.
Jan seemed pleased to see me....but delighted to see the Cabin Boy!!
Later this week we have a return gig at the Panerai' bar, and today we are taking part in the Antigua Yacht Club laser race. The Cabin boy is currently in training and hopes to do well!!
The chief bloggeress returns on Saturday, so blogging will improve shortly!!