Farewell to the Caribbean

Chiscos - Atlantic Cruise
John Simpson
Sun 6 May 2012 09:37

19:53.857n 065:22.938w
After some final preparations and a couple of beers (well we had to say goodbye to the Caribbean in style!) we were more than ready for our 846NM trip to Bermuda.  As forecast there was very little wind: 2-4kts, but still we managed to sail/drift across the start line at 12noon yesterday.  With the skipper on his trumpet and our parasailor hanging limply in the air we took ten minutes to finally cross the line, we were off!  Half an hour later we had managed to sail half a nautical mile and we were resigned to put the engine on.  Luckily soon after we were out of the channel there was enough wind to sail.  
So after our first and rather bumpy night we are starting to get into a bit of a routine.  We quickly developed a love-hate relationship with our newly fitted AIS receiver. The skipper spent all of yesterday afternoon trying to work out how 'Halo' (our neighbours in Nanny Cay) were managing to sail 1 whole knot faster than us, we thought they must be motoring but skipper Mike assured us they weren't...Their lead was rapidly increasing so there was lots of sail trimming and discussion about how to get every last knot out of Chiscos and of course anything we did only reduced our speed! Oh well, only 750 miles to go so plenty of time to make up for it.  We do keep trying to remind ourselves that it's not a race - who says we're competitive?!
We've just about been going 24 hours so not too much has happened so far.  We did briefly see a small pod of whales yesterday and we heard on the radio net that one boat saw a water spout heading for them - luckily it passed 300 metres away.  We have our fishing line out so expect reports of dorado the size of Chiscos any minute now.  We will be sure to get photo evidence for any skeptics out there!